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We all know that Art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth. 
Pablo Picasso

Shooting "Rascal Riders" 


We work with models of different genders, sexualities, body types, ethnicities, and ages to make films that really reflect and celebrate the beautiful, strange, and colorful side of fetish. The films on Mondo Fetiche explore erotic fantasies; they are not supposed to portray sexuality in a realistic or documentary way.  As a director, I usually have an initial idea, scenario, theme, or look in mind that I want to work with (i.e “a sailor film”, “a leather film” or “a film that takes place in a distant planet!”) If performers are interested in working within that scenario, then we move to discuss and block the sexual or fetish acts that we will shoot— always within performers’ interests and limits. The process is a collaborative effort.


Safety and consent are at the forefront of all of our shoots. As a producer, I emphasize clear communication and respect of physical and emotional boundaries between all participating parties. No drugs are allowed on set and no one can perform intoxicated. Performers are consulted before being booked about potential scene partners. No one is asked to work with anyone they don’t want to work with, and everyone approves their scene partner beforehand. Prior to shooting, boundaries are negotiated and discussed through email between the performers, but final blocking doesn’t take place until the day of the shoot. Performers may stop the shoot at any time if they change their mind about what they feel comfortable performing, and we can work around it.

Our set is small and usually consists of just myself (Carlos, a white Latinx queer cis-male) and/or my partner, a white non-binary queer person, who may be performing production assistant duties. I welcome any questions about the process and encourage you to contact any of the performers on the site to ask them about their experience working with us.

COVID-19 Protocol and Sexual Health

We require 3-day COVID 19 testing for all participating cast and crew. We will pay for your 3-day COVID testing. For scenes that require fluid exchange we will pay for your 14-day STI panel testing if you're not already tested (but we won't pay for STI testing if we're shooting a scene that requires only bondage, for example.) If performers are fluidly bonded and want to perform with their partners with no barriers, they may do so.

Rates and shooting day

Our base rate per performer is $600 per scene. Our shoots take half a day (4 hours). Rates may be adjusted if a certain scene requires more shooting time or multiple days. Shooting takes place in a building where we share space with other artists, designers, and offices. We have to be respectful of our neighbors in regards to noise level. Water and snacks are provided.

If you’re interested in shooting with us, send an email to with a couple of photos of yourself and/or links to social media accounts. Please include a few lines with some of your interests, the content you’d like to shoot, and any relevant experience as well. You do not need previous experience, but you have to be okay with being naked and performing or depicting sexual acts on the internet. Please give it careful consideration as once it’s out, it’s out there forever!