STEP RIGHT UP! Mondo Fetiche celebrates the beautiful, strange, and colorful world of fetish. Inspired by arthouse and grind house cinema, our x-rated films explore identity, gender and sexuality in the most sensational way!

We believe porn can, in fact, be an art form and as such provide a service to an underserved community.

We make x-rated films that are more nuanced, colorful, and inclusive than mainstream adult content.

We shoot with models of different ethnicities, sizes, ages, and gender expressions.

Several members have shared with us that they follow our work because they see their sexuality and gender represented in our films, which they don’t see in mainstream porn. This sort of feedback really encourages us to keep challenging ideas of what porn can be.

Our work has been curated by Shine Louise Houston for her Pink Label site as well as screened at Cinekink, Folsom Street Fair, The Porn Film Festival Vienna, and the feminist Kafe Kollectiv Kabale in Germany.

My Journey Into Queer Pornography

by Carlos Deth

I’m a Latin American immigrant and queer filmmaker. I went to an experimental school where I focused on world cinema and avant-garde filmmaking. After school, I moved to New York City where I worked in television as a producer and editor while continuing to make my own films.

My first encounter with artistic porn was in the early 2000’s, when I worked as a production assistant for a film by pioneer queer pornographer Maria Beatty. Watching Maria work challenged every (negative) idea I had about porn. She gave the same importance to aesthetics and attention to detail as any of the “serious” filmmakers I was studying in school. She also shared a powerful bond with her talent and crew. Everyone felt safe and excited about what they were doing. I knew this was the sort of environment I wanted to recreate in my own shoots.

Since then, I've performed as a bottom for great sites such as Kink.com, Elise Graves' Bondage Liberation, Mona Wales XXX, Sweet Femdom, Filthy Femdom, and Serious Bondage.

In 2018 I decided to start my site and explore my own world of fetish: my Mondo Fetiche. Welcome aboard!