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My Journey Into Queer Pornography

by Carlos Deth

I’m a Latin American immigrant and queer filmmaker. I went to an experimental school where I focused on world cinema and avant-garde filmmaking. After school, I moved to New York City where I worked in television as a producer and editor while continuing to make my own films.

My first encounter with artistic porn was in the early 2000’s, when I worked as a production assistant for a film by pioneer queer pornographer Maria Beatty. Watching Maria work challenged every (negative) idea I had about porn. She gave the same importance to aesthetics and attention to detail as any of the “serious” filmmakers I was studying in school. She also shared a powerful bond with her talent and crew. Everyone felt safe and excited about what they were doing. I knew this was the sort of environment I wanted to recreate in my own shoots.

However, it took me a long time and many experiences to face my own prejudices and fears about embracing pornography as a medium. Almost 15 years after working on that first queer porn shoot, I went to San Francisco where I performed for several independent pornographers. Again, I was able to meet great artists like Elise Graves and Serious Bondage. I finally accepted how healthy, creative, and liberating porn filmmaking could be. I decided to start my site in 2018 and build my own world of fetish: my Mondo Fetiche.